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Whether supplied as a gas, gas derivatives, or used internally to manufacture ultra-pure polysilicon, Signature Silane® is increasingly demanded for leading-edge power devices, big data, nano-electronics, communication devices, and renewable energy industries.

Our Heritage

Signature Silane® is what sets REC Silicon apart. Our Ultra-Pure Signature Silane® gas is not only the purest form of silicon in the world, but REC Silicon is a leading producer.

Signature Silane® gas in turn produces the highest quality products needed to fuel industries via versatile product lines of specialty gases, electronic grade polysilicon, and solar grade polysilicon. From everyday technologies of solar cells, smartphones, and computer chips, to cutting edge components used in 5G communications, there’s a great chance there’s Signature Silane® inside.

Signature Silane® is the material of choice from memory processes to lithium-ion battery production, as well as thin film deposition uses like flat panel displays. Signature Silane® is also REC Silicon’s core feedstock for its own specialty gases and silicon materials product lines.

Specialty Gases

In addition to our Signature Silane®, REC Silicon is also a leader in differentiated specialty gases including Dichlorosilane (DCS, or SiH2Cl2), Monochlorosilane (MCS or SiH3Cl), and Disilane (Si2H6).

Our specialty silicon gases are used in the manufacturing processes of flat panel displays, semiconductors (in legacy and advance node applications) and solar cells.

Global distribution is another aspect where we excel. REC Silicon owns the largest global fleet of silane containers from cylinders to 40’ modules. REC Silicon has also defined and led the industry in best practices for product safety, product integration, quality, shipping and logistics, and reliability.

Electronic Grade Polysilicon

Our electronic grade ISO 9001:2015 certified polysilicon businesses provide a variety of form factors for uses in high-tech energy and electronics industries.

Float Zone (FZ)

FZ-based devices are used in motor control and power conversion processes for hybrid and electric vehicles, wind energy, and high voltage transmission, 5G communications, high-speed trains, IoT (internet of things), and big data.

Czochralski (CZ)

This form of electronic grade polysilicon is principally used in manufacturing of 12’ semiconductor wafers used in memory processors, optics, and micro electromechanical systems (MEMS).

Solar Grade Polysilicon

Fluidized Bed Reactor (FBR) technology, using one-tenth of the electricity needed for Siemens technology, affords low-cost material and ultra-low carbon footprint, making its solar module value chain all that more sustainable.

NextSi®, when blended with solar grade chunk polysilicon, enhances the efficiency of the ingot manufacturing process by increasing the weight and yield of the ingot while also reducing process cycle times. Ready-to-use granular allows unparalleled logistical and operational efficiency to lower manufacturing cost, while maintaining quality and consistency.

NextSi® is ideal for multicrystalline and monocrystalline solar ingot and wafer production in the manufacturing of solar modules.

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